On Friday, January 27th, Troop 376 hosted an epic bowling night at Spins in Carmel. Along with our honored guests (Webelos from Pack 1), Scouts and adults alike punished the pins and chowed down on plenty of pizza, chicken fingers, and fries. High-fives abounded, high scores were achieved, and a great time was had by all!
On Tuesday, January 31st, Troop 376 hosted our Open House for the Webelos of Pack 1. This was an opportunity for Webelos and their parents to learn what makes our Troop special, helping them decide which of the two outstanding Somers BSA Troops to join upon crossing over from Cubs to Scouts.

The Webelos watched a video showcasing some of the highlights of our Scouting program, and then partnered with Scouts in a fun engineering activity, building bridges from sticks and marshmallows to support as much candy as possible (they got to keep whatever their bridge was able to support!). It was a thrill to host such an engaging bunch and we hope to see many of their faces among our Scouts a few months from now!

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