On February 23, 2021 Troop 376 hosted a open house for Somers Pack 1 senior Webelos. Troop 376 invited the Webelos to one of our Tuesday night meetings and added a few surprises to help show what a great Troop we have. The Webelos helped our troops open the meeting as the were informed of ongoing and upcoming events and community outreach efforts. The Webelo’s parents were invited to sit in the meeting as we ran a video highlighting all the great adventures we embark on at Troop 376. Thanks to Matt and Lisa Kimmel for putting together a great video!

We then invited the attending Webelos to join in an engineering program for the evening which culminated with a bridge building competition. The Webelos, assisted by Troop 376 members built bridges out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Once completed, the strength of the bridges were tested by placing various pieces of candy. The bridge to hold the most pieces of Candy was deemed the sturdiest!

It was a great evening getting to know these Webelos and we hope to see them join Troop 376 this coming March.

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