On Saturday, January 30, 2021 Somers Troop 376 supported the annual Webelo’s Klondike derby at Durland Scout Reservation by running the ice rescue station. It was an especially cold day with early morning temps dropping to 7F and a high of 25F. Supplied with plenty of firewood, hot chocolate, and Mr. Cheung’s chili, our troops guided Webelos from Putnam/Westchester/Rockland for 8 hours to save our “happy” victims who had fallen through the ice. We are happy to report that all victims were saved! A huge thanks to all the troop members that volunteered! They showed great patience, perseverance, and scout spirit from beginning to end. A special thanks to Mr. Peterson for building our drowning victims, Matt Hirsch for painting them, and Mr. Cheung for the Chili Dogs (and coffee)!

–Mario Recine


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