On Tuesday, April 9, 2019 NY State Trooper Meredith Govoni and Trooper Lexi from the Somers NYS Police barracks attended our Troop Meeting.

Lexi makes friends with young Scouts & siblings.

Trooper Govoni is Lexi’s handler and both are assigned to the NYS Police K-9 unit. Trooper Govoni gave an engaging presentation about her training as a K-9 handler, the selection & breeds of K-9’s used for Police work and the various types of work the K-9 unit does. Additionally, Trooper Govoni discussed the various safety protocols used by the K-9 unit to ensure the safety of the handler and the K-9; such as how all NYS Police K-9 vehicles are equipped as a mobile kennel with safety devices to protect the police dogs and remote release features to allow the K-9 to be deployed when necessary by their handler.

Trooper Govoni discussed the types of dogs used for different types of Police work and investigations, such as bomb detection, drug detection and human search & rescue. Trooper Lexi is a 5 year old German Shepherd and has been Trooper Govoni’s partner since she was trained and deployed into the K-9 unit.

Trooper Lexi demonstrated her Police K-9 skills by finding a suspicious package planted by her handler and retrieving a suspect and bring him to her handler on command. She then took the time to allow the Scouts to pet her and pose for a few pictures.

This was a great night and we thank Troopers Govoni and Lexi for taking the time to visit with us.

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