During the first 2 weekends of April,  Somers Troop 376 had 3 participants and 3 trainers at this year’s 2018 NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) held at Durland Scout Camp.  NYLT is an action packed program held over the course of 6 days.  The training provides youth members with leadership skills they can use in their own troops and in other situations requiring leadership in themselves and others.  Whether you’re a scout, an athlete, a scholar, or all 3, this training is an invaluable experience for those that participated.

Congratulations to Sean M., Michael R., and Matthew C. for attending, making through the 6 days and being graduates of the 2018 NYLT program !

Also congratulations to NYLT Assistant Patrol Leader Patrick B., and NYLT Trainers Dominic V. and Sage C. for your hard work and dedication in helping make this year’s training a success!


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