Somers Troop 376 should be extremely proud of what we accomplished at this year’s Scouting for Food Drive at St. Luke’s Somers Food Pantry. On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, several troop members arrived at St. Luke’s Church in Somers with well over 100 bags of food and other household necessities that have been collected over the past month. The delivery was donated to the St. Luke’s Food Pantry and was received with high praise from the Church. We certainly exceeded what was expected to be delivered and have raised the bar for next year. Kudos to the troop members who attended for not only delivering the food but spending the extra time sorting and storing the donations. Congratulations also goes out to Scoutmaster Cheung for getting one step closer to earning his stocking and sorting badge. Soup cans have never been stocked so well! See pic below, all labels facing forward and sorted. Amazing work by everyone!



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