Good Morning Troop!
Here are the weekly announcements, important events and things I forgot to mention at the last Troop meeting.  Parent’s please let your Scouts read these e-mails.
Great first Troop meeting!
  • bring your own chairs and sit with your patrol.  Patrol leaders should be organizing your patrol by 6:30 sharp.
  • everybody bring your backpacks packed for next weekend’s campout.  We will be doing a shakedown of your gear.  Suggested packing list is attached.
  • We will also be planning our menus and cooking gear for the campout.  Bring your campout cooking ideas.
  • please complete the attached permission slip and bring it to the next meeting with $5 cash to secure your spot for the campout.  Please give this to Mr. Kessler.  If you did not sign up, be ready to sign up and give $5 to Mr. Kessler at this meeting.
  • Sign the Covid forms if you have not done so and return them to Mr. Kimmel.  Read over the Covid Guidelines if you have not done so.
  • Christian has done a great job as our Troop’s SPL for the past year but his tenure is now up.  We need a new SPL to lead the troop for this coming year/next 6 months.  This is a very important leadership position.  If anyone is interested in running, contact me about it.  This is a great way to show and practice your leadership skills.  We will be holding SPL elections either this meeting or the next meeting.
  • Our Troop has the honor and privilege of organizing this year’s POW-MIA ceremony.  Commander McArdle will be leading the ceremony on Wednesday September 23 at 6PM at the Ivandell Cemetery.  As you all know, the VFW in Somers has disbanded so our Troop has taken on the important responsibility of keeping these traditions and ceremonies alive in our town.  All Scouts should be there in full Class A uniform (shirt, Scout pants, neckerchief, boots)
  • Unfortunately we cannot secure the church for our September Committee meeting this Tuesday.  We are actively trying to find an indoor location to meet so our next Committee meeting will TBD.
Lots of stuff!  Let me know with any questions!
Have a great week!

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