The competition was intense as the Scouts from Troop 376 participated in our annual Dutch Oven Cook Off on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at Lake Lincolndale.

Four patrols demonstrated teamwork thoughtfulness and creativity to prepare their submission for the judges’ consideration.

This years “mystery” ingredient was ground pork to be prepared by the Scouts in a Dutch oven and combined with pantry items of their choosing. They were given a little over 1 hour to decide what they would prepare, prepare and plate their meal and present to our judges. This years judges were selected based on their culinary expertise and vast familiarity with Scout cooked meals.

Our Scouts did a fantastic job at preparing their meals, impressing the many parents who looked on in amazement and making our judges’ job very difficult. Meals included two pork dumpling submissions, pork sliders and a pork chili. Each submission was evaluated based on the use of available ingredients, presentation and overall taste.

In the end our three esteemed judges, Joe Cuiffo, John Ferretti and Chris Swee, determined that “although all four submissions were very well done … the pork chili was the best of all.”

Our winning patrol was our New Scout Patrol assisted by Eagle Scout Alex Lulgjuraj, who won our grand prize of King Kone gift certificates.

Many thanks to all who participated and joined us – and a special thanks to our judges; Mr Wines & Mr Gajda, who helped ensure we left Lake Lincolndale in great shape,; Mrs Rosolen, who graciously volunteered to do our shopping and of course our Scout Master who did too many things (as usual) to make this a successful event.

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